freedom to dance:

Richard Gleave

Ballroom Dancers have enjoyed the Freedom to Dance since 1924 - in any competition, anywhere in the World without fear or threat.

Subsequently, Ballroom Dancing flourished in many nations of the World, due to the co-operation, diplomacy and perspicacity of our pioneers. International pioneers such as P.J.S. Richardson OBE, Alex Moore MBE, George Fujimura from Japan, Gerd Hadrich, Detlef Haegeman from Germany and Mickey Powell from Australia amongst others, ensured, the peaceful development and success of Ballroom Dancing World-wide. This peaceful co-operation has brought immense joy and pleasure to thousands of people through the art of Ballroom Dancing. Our International pioneers established our right to the Freedom to Dance of both the Professional and Amateur Dancer.

The Freedom to Dance concept was born in January 2010 in response to the banning of couples dancing in the UK Championships a Championship that has a history going back to 1959!

We believe that the Freedom to Dance, Judge, Organise or Teach cannot be granted by only one organisation. Freedom to Dance is based on fairness, integrity and human principle.

We believe that Freedom isn't a personal accomplishment, but a gift belonging to everybody as a human right. Therefore we hope that competitors and spectators alike, will enjoy the Inaugural Freedom to Dance Competitions.

We are extremely pleased with the International development of Freedom to Dance. Approximately 10- 12 countries have expressed interest in organising a Freedom to Dance competition. Singapore and South Africa will be running their inaugural events this year!

We have received a huge amount of support from our colleagues and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to them all.

It would not be possible to run an event such as this without the support of the competitors, and we thank you for dancing today. We hope that you will all rise to the challenge to cherish, protect and support your future Freedom, and Right to Dance.

Richard and Anne Gleave

Anthony Hurley

Competition dancing has until recently enjoyed decades of tradition and freedom to dance which in turn has developed into a global activity bringing countries together and creating much pleasure to participants and spectators alike. The ambitions of thousands of couples Worldwide to engage in friendly competition to win National and International open to the World events, was, during this time available to all who had the desire, ambition and devotion to the art of Ballroom and Latin American Dancing.

The title of Freedom to Dance speaks for itself, it has been a necessary formation to show the powers to be that dancers can and will unite to overcome the dictatorial actions, rules and demands that are currently preventing the rights and development of an individual.

I congratulate Richard and Anne on their foresight and endeavours through Freedom to Dance to bring about a return of unity and respect that has in the past been the success of our dancing World, surely this has to be the way forward.

I wish today's inaugural competition every success and thank the generous sponsors for their belief in supporting and promoting FREEDOM TO DANCE.

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